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Relevos & Arcadas has the technical and logistic capacity to respond to all phases of the process of building your garden, working to materialize your ideas. We verified the specific characteristics of each place, namely the climatic conditions, type of soils and peculiarities of the surrounding landscape.

Combined with these aspects, always associated with the elaboration of projects with an updated design, we are able to produce pleasant spaces, directed to the outdoors experience, also promoting the valuation of your property.

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Relevos & Arcadas, has a specialized technical team, able to provide all the services listed below::

There are many options for the construction of gardens and they must always be articulated with the surrounding landscape in order to create a pleasant visual balance. The choice of the type of the future green space to be created will influence the division of the areas themselves and the type of plants and decorative notes to be selected. All Relevos & Arcadas projects are designed by a team of experienced landscape architects and can be applied in small spaces such as terraces or balconies, as well as in larger gardens or in the most diverse urban public spaces.

Relevos & Arcadas develops the universe of its work in practice, in green landscaped areas in exteriors, developing the design and implementation of irrigation systems, still performing the recovery of deteriorated green spaces.

After completing the construction of your garden it is essential to ensure its proper maintenance. In order to keep your green space looking care and healthy, Relevos & Arcadas is responsible for cleaning the gardens in general; By pest disease and weed control; By fertilization; For the maintenance of lawns and meadows; By the sacking and weeding of beds; By pruning trees and shrubs and by maintaining automatic irrigation systems.

The trade of the universe of any gardening articles (flowerpots, irrigation materials, fertilizers, vegetable substrates, seeds, pine bark and ornamental pebble), allow to complement the realization of the elaborated green spaces. Some examples: Inerter Separators; Stone slabs and concrete articles; Screens, nets, wires, ropes, etc.

Relevos & Arcadas is dedicated to the commercialization of the whole universe of plants, trees, palms, herbaceous and shrubs. See the available catalog.

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