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We would like to be more than your business partner. Our mission is the wish to "be part of" your company, we want to contribute to your satisfaction, success, and financial balance, we want to be an integral part of your project. We analyze. We suggest. We ensure the best solutions and we weigh all the risks, so that you can make the best deals with peace of mind. Play it safe.

A successful company is a combination of innovative ideas, unconditional dedication, exemplary execution, and thats why we exist for.

Relevos & Arcadas : Born to Win!

Nowadays, each business has several requirements. We want professionals who have not only knowledge of the market to which they target, but also flexibility to adapt to the constant changes of the world of the market and the business.

It is also important to have a broad vision and to be able to understand and face all challenges as a positive factor, and always be aligned with the values of our company. However, all these characteristics are only of real value if we can deliver good results at the same time.

This is the philosophy we intend to follow incessantly, to be successful and to guarantee that we can offer you a worthy job.

What does Relevos & Arcadas:

Relevos & Arcadas, is dedicated to the commercialization of the whole universe of plants, trees, palms, herbaceous and shrubs. See the catalog available..

Our Catalog!

Relevos & Arcadas is dedicated to the effective construction and maintenance of green areas, namely parks and public gardens, squares, gardens of companies and institutions, gardens of urbanization and tourist enterprises. Pruning, cleaning and transplanting of trees, as well as all general services of Gardening.

The implementation of Landscape Architecture projects, using the most modern procedures, include, in particular, the design of private gardens, parks and public gardens, squares, gardens of companies and institutions, gardens of urbanizations and tourist resorts.

Urban rehabilitation in the form of an integrated intervention on the existing urban landscape, in which the urban and real estate patrimony is maintained, in whole or in part, and be modernized by carrying out remodeling works on urban infrastructures, equipment and green spaces for collective and private use, as well as in the construction, reconstruction, expansion, alteration, conservation or demolition of buildings.

Our efficiency levels:

Commercialization of indoor and outdoor plants
Construction and maintenance of gardens
Projects of landscape architecture.
Rehabilitation of urban spaces.